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From product to plating, to downright crazy presentations, food design was always our greatest passion. Our team devises each menu,  design, and event flow, thus assuring that all our events are custom-tailored for our clients, fitting every need and dream.


If you are looking for an ideal option for your private events, each dish served will be a masterpiece that adds to the overall culinary experience of your event.

Food Stations

This solution is ideal if you are planning to provide a diverse range of flavors that are categorized by color, type of ingredients, or theme for your lively occasion.

Pass Around

In the perfect mix between elegance and “the perfect bite”, we transform food into a work of art that deserves your complete focus.

Live cooking

Elevate the vibe of your event by infusing it with the vibrant energy commonly found in lively street food scenes.

Live Pavlova

Our signature food service, we have been making giant pavlovas in front of our audience for over 15 years and we still bring surprises into the mix every time.

Lunch Box

Our precisely sized boxes are an excellent way to rejuvenate yourself during your conference or team building schedule, fitting effortlessly in your breaks and providing you with the energy boost you need.


By carefully selecting the best drinks to complement each ingredient on the menu, our team will bring color and personality to the bars at your event.