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Every event has a story to be told, and for us, that story always centers around food. Culinary excellence is only the first step towards creating a complete sensory experience and that is why our team is always ready to adapt to all your event’s needs.

Corporate Events

Add the “wow” factor to your corporate event and bring your employees into worlds of your culinary imagination.

With events such as:
·      Conference
·      Cocktail Dinner
·      Cooking Class

·      Teambuilding
·      and many more…

Private events

Whether you are looking to have an unforgettable wedding or a truly special anniversary, the Flavours team is always ready to turn the dreams of your private event into reality.

With events such as:
·      Wedding
·      Baptism
·      Anniversary
·      Baby Shower

·      Private Dinner
·      Engagement Party
·      and many more…

Concept Events

If you’re looking to create a truly unique experience and only have the idea, our team can create the wildest themes, setting and décor to fit the aesthetic you are envisioning.

With events such as:
·      Product Launch
·      Location Opening
·      Pop-Up Event

·      Live Cooking Show
·      and many more...