He has been twice one of the jurors at the local Masterchef show and is the most vocal supporter of the street food movement.
Chef Shoo is the Food Designer and the creative brain behind each Flavours buffet and set-up. He also leads the chef`s team in all Flavours locations in Bucharest and Cluj. He started his culinary journey more than 18 years ago and he has shaped his work next to an English food designer and joining different trainings at Jamie Oliver`s catering division, Fabulous Feasts.
He is also very passionate about crating the wood and iron.
Chef Foa is one of the most famous chefs in Romania, due to his appropach cooking and eating, his outgoing personality and of course, fis spectacular cooking skills.
He started started his culinary journey more than 16 years ago. He has shaped his work in famous restaurants in the world, such as „Jamie Oliver`s Favulous Feasts”, „La Cantine du Faubourg”, „Rhubarb” or „The Nut Tree .
Flavours was created in 2002 by two friends, who started a mission to get together a team of professionals, whose members would all share the love of food and have an appreciation for high standards. Since then, no two events have been the same.
He currently acts as the Executive Chef for Flavours, managing all events caterd by the company and leading the chef`s team is all Flavours locations in Bucharest (Stradale, Stradale Carnivale, Stradale Oregon, Stradale for Avenor, Flavours Food Academy and Willbrook Platinum).