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Flavours Team

  • Foa


    If you’re looking for us, we’re right here, in front of you, taking that final step between good and sublime!
    Florin Scripca aka “Foa” is “The brain of the team”, also dealing with clients and suppliers.

    He started working in the field when he turned 18, choosing to follow his heart, and also his talent. Foa was chosen among the first team members when Flavours was born, and they grew together. Today, his experience and flair place him among the chefs elite in Bucharest.

    After years of events and courses, their mentor Florin Balu, also a great gourmand, came up with the idea of the “Flavours 3 Buc?tari” TV show which took place between 2005-2009.

    Starting with the year 2014, FOA is a judge on the “MasterChef Romania” Tv Show.

  • Silvioo

    I cook to please all 5 senses!
    Silviu Nedelea aka “Silvioo” is also known as the “Asian Prodigy” of the team; Asian, not only because he left to train in Japan from a young age, but also because his first love in food is Thai. Together with the rest of the team, he pursued training courses in London and Paris, at prestigious catering companies like Blistering Barbecue and
    Rhubarb Catering.

    His aspiration towards a cooking career came from a family nudge, from his grandfather, who was a great chef. It is also known that Silvioo makes excellent sushi, even though his greatest success remains the best-in-town Romanian “sarmale”.

  • Shoo


    When I cook, everything turns into a work of art. Make the meal a pleasure, not satisfy a necessity!
    Daniel Scripca aka “Shoo” is the last acquisition in the “Flavours Trei Bucatari” TV Show.

    His love of cooking started since he was a boy, when he took a cooking course in Bucharest, and afterwards decided to start his career in the heart of Italy. After more than 5 years in Bella Italia, where he learned not only the strings of delicious cooking, but also the practicalities of kitchen management, he decided to come back to Romania and join the Flavours team. Today he considers it a very wise and inspired decision.

    Besides being a chef, he is also a talented artist, a gift that he successfully puts to work in all of Flavours food design endeavours.